The Pitch: Frozen Orchestra (Berlin)

The Pitch: Frozen Orchestra (Berlin)


Catalog: arbitrary07
Format: 2CS

The Pitch is a Berlin-based ensemble founded in 2009. With acoustic instruments and minimal live-electronics they collectively compose structures which generate hypnotic melodic movement and deep acoustic textures.

This piece was performed for a live audience at LEAP, Berlin as a 66 minute piece with no breaks. On this release it is slightly shortened and cut into four pieces with added fade ins and outs. It can now be considered a suite of four variations or it can still be imagined to be part of an everlasting gradient.

Composed by The Pitch
Recorded and mixed by Morten J Olsen
Mastered by Boris Baltschun.

Graphic design by Katja Gretzinger

2 x C30 tape (grey), incl. download code
Year: 2017
Edition: 150
Size: 7 x 11 cm
Print: Risograph