Framework 3

Framework 3


Mads Emil Nielsen + Katja Gretzinger + Nicola Ratti
Catalog: arbitrary11
Format: 10” + CD

Reprint, 2023

Framework 3 is the latest instalment in Mads Emil Nielsen’s sequence of graphic scores and recordings. The series includes the Danish composer’s own subjective translations of visual materials and sound pieces accompanied by visual notations.

On this release he collaborates with Katja Gretzinger and Nicola Ratti. Published as a limited edition art print folder, Framework 3 consists of risographed scores and recordings on 10” vinyl and CD – with recordings by Nielsen, along with graphic scores by Gretzinger and contributions by Ratti.

"The latest instalment in this Danish label’s series exploring the relationship between music and art, is a sumptuous-looking package, with Nielsen’s music arriving on 10-inch transparent vinyl, together with visual notations by graphic designer Katja Gretzinger and a CD of reinterpretations of that graphic score by musician/architect Nicola Ratti. It’s a soft play centre of a listen, dotted with rounded, gentle sounds and understated rhythmic detail. Never lingering long enough to get boring, it all moves along nicely, constantly re-materialising into different shapes and moods."
- Electronic Sound

1, 2, 3 written & produced by Mads Emil Nielsen, Copenhagen / Berlin, 2019 / 2020. CD: 1, 2, 3 written & produced by Nicola Ratti, Milan, 2020.

Scores by Katja Gretzinger. Artwork/design (packaging, discs, text) by Mads Emil Nielsen.

10” (transparent, 45 rpm) + CD
Year: 2020
Edition: 300
Size: 28 x 27 cm
Cover: Hardcover / 2mm cardboard folder, foil embossed
Print: Risograph, 18 sheets + fold-out info/index
incl. download code

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