Denseland: Disco Dictionary

Denseland: Disco Dictionary


Catalog: arbitrary06
Format: CS

After Denseland's two last releases Chunk (Mosz 2009) and Like, Likes, Like (m=minimal 2013) Denseland’s album Disco Dictionary straddles the borders between funk and post punk, experimental avant-garde and fractured down tempo techno, electronica and minimalist industrial. Formed in 2008 by long time Berlin musicians bassist Hannes Strobl, percussionist Hanno Leichtmann and avant-garde vocalist David Moss, Denseland as a three headed ensemble jumps genres, timbres and times.

Listening evokes shades of bygones' music, rhythm emulations of Joy Division, the B 52´s and ESG, the extended vocal madness of Roy Hart and Laurie Anderson, the distortions of the early Contortions, reduced basslines of Grandmaster Flash and John Carpenter.

All music by Denseland, 2017
David Moss
Hannes Strobl
Hanno Leichtmann

Mastered by Mads Emil Nielsen

C30 tape (silver), incl. download code
Year: 2017
Edition: 150
Size: 7 x 11 cm
Print: Digital, stamped