Mads Emil Nielsen: Percussion Loops

Mads Emil Nielsen: Percussion Loops


Catalog: arbitrary04
Format: 7"

Four pieces based on drum/cymbal + synthesizer recordings from Copenhagen-based musician Mads Emil Nielsen. Recorded in Berlin & Copenhagen, 2012 / 2015.

A2 Untitled was originally featured in Secret Thirteen Mix 056 "Percussion Bitter Sweet" - mix compiled + synth played by Andrew Pekler.

2021 Repress

"A nice set of unruly tracks that originate with percussion loops (from samples of recordings of solo percussion and also orchestral works), but achieve a strangeness and beauty all their own when manhandled by this Copenhagen based musician. If they're technically composed of beats, they are not built on a foundation of beat-as-beat so much as rest on beat-as-sound. Wrenched in a variety of unexpected directions, the percussion is about as dancy as a random shard from Han Bennink or Chris Corsano. Which suits me fine. Hard to not think these snippets wouldn't be great to use for soundtracks to antic animated films."
- The Wire Magazine

w + p and artwork by Mads Emil Nielsen

Mastered by Kassian Troyer. Cut at D&M, Berlin.

7" vinyl (45 rpm, red transparent)
Year: 2015 / 2021 Repress
Edition: 300
Size: 18,6 x 18,5 cm
Print: 1c, inside-out sleeve