Framework 2

Framework 2


Mads Emil Nielsen + V.A. / Andrea Neumann, Jan Jelinek, Hideki Umezawa
Catalog: arbitrary10
Format: 2 x 10”

Mads Emil Nielsen continues his Framework series; a collection of open, hand-drawn graphic scores and recordings. The series includes Nielsen’s own subjective translations of the visual material and sound pieces accompanied by visual notations, and collaborations – in this case with Andrea Neumann, Jan Jelinek and Hideki Umezawa.

Framework 2 consists of printed scores and recordings, released on 2 x 10” vinyl + DL.

Scores and artwork by Mads Emil Nielsen

Mastered and cut by Kassian Troyer

2 x 10” vinyl (white + transparent, 45 rpm)
Year: 2020
Edition: 300
Size: 26,5 x 26,7 cm
Sleeve: 4c, inside-out
Print: Digital, 300g paper (fold-out insert)
incl. download code